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MAC Interiors has set-up its own stress testing facility.

MAC Interiors, UK-based airline interior specialists, has set-up its own stress testing facility in order to be able to do in-house stress testing and evaluation of new products to be certified in faster and more flexible manner.

“We are implementing our plan for MAC Interiors steadily - which is to develop it into a one stop independent interiors centre for Airlines, Asset Owners, and OEMs.” says Jonas Butautis, CEO of Magnetic MRO. “MAC Interiors has already had more than 50 years’ experience in the market and through the technological and financial possibilities Magnetic MRO provides, it has doubled its own potential and gained significant achievements in a row. We believe that expanding its in-house capabilities, which helps focus on material testing in specific areas, will also result in a more efficient and adaptable design and certification process.”

The material initial testing facility currently includes a Universal Testing Machine - tensile/compression testing equipment. The machine is configurable in multiple orientations to allow for any number of material and process dependant methods to be tested in both compression and tensile directions. Using the equipment it is possible to perform such tests on raw materials such as metals, composite board, polymers, textiles, rubbers, adhesives as well as finished components. The end results are A and B basis and indicative structural allowables, crucial to the development of FAR / CS Part 25 compliant interior products.

Future additions to the material testing facility will include vertical flammability testing in accordance with FAR / CS 25.853