We are MAC Interiors. 

MAC Interiors is a leading aircraft interior specialist with more than 50 years of heritage.

The company has been offering a high level of quality interior solutions to a wide range of airline companies; which are also our long terms partners as a result of the sectoral expertise and service excellence we have been providing.


MAC Interiors has been offering a high level of quality interior solutions to the Aerospace market for more than 50 years. We are proud of our heritage and in the modern, fast changing aviation market, we consistently review our products and services in order to stay abreast of our customer needs and market expectations of quality and innovation.

MAC Interiors are experts in the retrofitting and refurbishment of lavatories, galleys, seating, partitions, stowage’s, monuments and VIP interiors for a wide variety of commercial aircraft. No challenge too small, no aircraft too big, with recent dedicated projects serving helicopters to A380 aircraft.

We are working with many airlines that in today’s competitive market are looking to maximize their cabin offering whilst minimising disruption to their schedules. At MAC Interiors we are committed to long term partnerships with our customers, we ensure your bespoke products are delivered on time. 

Our vast product range covers all aircraft interiors, and is diversified from original aircraft production offerings to the light weight replacement components and easy maintenance alternatives.

VISION: To become a one stop independent interiors centre of excellence for Airlines, Asset Owners, and OEMs - recognized for bespoke quality and service excellence. 

MISSION: Our priority is innovative products and services delivery, ensured by qualified and experienced staff and constant upgrading on technological advancements. We are committed to long term partnerships with our customers delivering high quality products on time. 


Our product range consists of various cabin and interior parts made from all different types of materials: plastic, foam, Corian, composite board, carbon fibre, metal and textile, both as individual replacement parts as well as modification programmes. We can manufacture complete range of alternatives and replacement parts for all manufactures, in any quantity and colour.

Below you can find examples of our products and solutions executed in previous years.

Our services HOW WE WORK

MAC Interiors services have been formed to be flexible and consequently can be adapted to specific customer requirements - this is where we go further to provide total care solutions or individual services upon required scope.

Our organisational knowledge also offers a competitive and proactive attitude, which gives us the ability to react quickly and adapt to customer needs in advance. Accordingly, we are not only offering the greatest solutions with the highest service quality; we also provide competitive prices accompanied by unrivalled lead times.

OUR CERTIFICATIONS MAC Interiors certificates and approvals

MAC Interiors hold EASA Design Organisation Approval for the production of aircraft appliances and parts, maintenance of aircraft components, and design for aircraft interiors. We have received the relevant certifications and approvals from the country’s aviation authorities concerned, and have gained compulsory authorisations as well as attaining the utmost standards of quality for our customers.

  • Production
    POA Ref’ UK.21G.2670

  • C1 – Appliances

    Aircraft seats in accordance with ETSO-C39b or equivalent
  • C2 – Parts

    Parts associated with the above appliance, Interior configurations. Cabin interior furnishings and components, including stowage and toilet compartments. Galley equipment/Cargo equipment. Part non-structural cabin furnishing equipment

  • EASA.21J.178

  • AS 9100C

  • (Technically equivalent to EN 9100:2009 and JISQ 9100:2009)

  • Maintenance
    MOA Ref’ UK.145.01324

  • Class

    Components other than complete engines or APUs
  • Rating

    C6 Equipment
  • (Limitation Components in accordance with the capability list defined in the MOE)


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At MAC Interiors we are committed to long term partnerships with our customers delivering quality products on time. We have worked with many airlines since 1962 from small charter operators to national carriers who are still our customers to this day. Behind this loyalty lasting for decades, lies service excellence and industry know-how which bring along a smooth process management and a long term customer value.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us regarding any enquiries via mail or phone. 
Also, you can always come visit us in our facility for further information about us.


At MAC Interiors, we believe in a work environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated. We believe a great team with a diverse background is one of our strongest differentiators, and it leads us to become more competitive and innovative in what we do. We offer our employees exciting career opportunities in one of the most attractive global industries in the world. Please follow our website to see potential vacancies on this page, and feel free to get in touch with hr@macinteriors.com if you are interested in joining our team.
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